Monday, March 1, 2010


This is what I'm enjoying this week:

Finally got a chance to read the first in Claudia Gray's EVERNIGHT series. Though, I had a general idea about the plot, she handled it in unexpected ways. Really loved the major twist at the midpoint--caught me by surprise. Romantic and thrilling. Can see why so many readers loved it.

This short story by Claire Keegan in the New Yorker made me cry: Foster

And I'm reading TOYS GO OUT, by Emily Jenkins, to my five year old son. I've had trouble finding chapter books for this age group that are more charming than sarcastic. Adore Beverly Cleary's RAMONA series, because she manages to be both. But it's nice to see something contemporary (TOYS GO OUT was published in 2006) that isn't all seven and eight-year-olds calling each other "stupid head." Or a total snoreville, like the 143 MAGIC TREE HOUSE books. This is funny and sweet about the lives toys live.

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