Monday, April 18, 2011


I’m excited to say it’s my turn for iClue! I’ve got two mysteries going, both involve excerpts from Haunting Emma novels. Good Choice Reading is hosting mystery number 1 and Paperback Dolls is hosting mystery number 2. You are allowed to answer twice, once for each mystery. That gives you two more chances to win the iPod Touch.

Go here for mystery 1.
Go here for mystery 2.

In case you have no idea what iClue is or how any of this works:

Six young adult authors got together and decided to have an epic contest in which we’d give away tons of books and ultimately an iPod Touch.

If you want to win the iPod, you need to solve the mysteries that each author is presenting and enter your answers here.

Beth Revis, New York Times bestselling author of the amazing Across the Universe gave us the first mystery. Go read it and enter to win the iTouch here.

Then the fantastic Kimberly Derting, author of the fabulous Body Finder series gave us her mystery. Go read it and enter to win the iTouch here.

Now it’s my turn, then there will be three more mysteries and three more chances to win the iTouch from Adele Griffin, Lisa & Laura Roecker, and Mandy Hubbard.

So, that’s it. Super-cool mini-mysteries from some of your favorite YA authors and a chance to win an iTouch.

But wait … that’s not all. You can also win six books, one from each author by helping us spread the word about iClue. To do that go here.

Many of the spectacular, wonderfully supportive book bloggers who are hosting our mysteries are giving away books as well. And we are sponsored by the wonderful new book site The Reading Room, who will have the 3rd clue for both my mysteries.

I hope you enjoy my mini-mysteries and get to win something!

XO Lee

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