Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We Heart Indies Day! *Contest*

Yes, it's possible this is a made up day, created by Lisa & Laura Roecker, but since I love independent booksellers and Lisa & Laura I'm playing along. To celebrate, I'm giving away books. Contest rules at the end. But first, why I love independent booksellers.

Sadly, my favorite independent bookstore, Books Etc. in Falmouth, Maine has now closed. What made Books Etc. so special is its booksellers. They were incredibly knowledgeable and well-read without being snobby. They'd recommend a deep literary novel, along with a current favorite romance or mystery. One Saturday, when I'd mentioned I was writing a YA novel, they handed me ARC of The Hunger Games and told me how much they'd all loved it. Yes, Borders and Barnes & Noble can stack piles of books to mark what they think will be a bestseller, but in my experience, it's the independent sellers that hand-sell smaller books until they hit the bestseller list. I really miss Books Etc. and it's incredible staff, who I could say to, "I need something good to read. What've you got?" and they'd hand me something unexpectedly great. 

Now, I'm looking forward to moving back to Santa Barbara, where, sadly, Borders and Barnes & Noble have both recently closed. But there is a thriving independent, Chaucer's Bookstore, with books literally stacked to the ceiling, and I can't wait to get to know its booksellers.

And now for the contest:

I'm giving away two books--there will be two winners, and each winner gets to pick the book they'd like to receive. Check my website for all the choices (adult and YA). http://www.leenicholsbooks.com/

One book will be given away today. All you have to do is @LeeXNichols on Twitter about your favorite independent bookstore and a random winner will be chosen. Contest ends at midnight, May 31st.

The second book will go to the person who leaves the best I <3 Indies comment on this blog. Tell me what you love about your favorite independent bookstore. You've got one week to leave a comment. Contest closes midnight June 7th.

Good luck and thanks for playing!


kristina shields said...

Thx for the giveaway! I would have to say Novel Place. I don't have many indie books stores near where I live, but I am glad this one is. The employees are so nice and will help you with anything you need. They are always recommending books that I would never of picked up but ended up loving. They are more personal than a higher brand store, like Borders.

Vivien said...

Mine is Cover to Cover in Vancouver WA. I ordered a signed copy from an author last year. When I called again 6 months later for the next release they remembered me. This is huge seeing as how I'm multiple states away and they've never met me. Love them!

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

Alba said...

ok now this is getting depressing!! I've gone through all the blogs and I've said in each and every one of them that I don't get an indie bookstore over my country...so yeap! you're welcome to weep with me!T-T!
although I always have to manage and make those awesome books come to me! I think I'll just save enough money so I can put a bookstore like that myself AND! finally promote more reading over here!!;)

Kristen Simons said...

Firstly, thank you for this giveaway! It's a great way to raise awareness for independent book sellers! My favorite has to be Mudsock Books & Curiosity Shoppe in Fishers, Indiana. I know the owner as a family friend and I helped her set up the shop. She takes the time to get to know all her customers on a personal level as well as working with local libraries and elementary schools to encourage young readers. Plus, the best part may be that she has a bookstore cat named Ralph who will follow you around the store waiting for you to pet him. It's always a great experience and I always leave with several great reads.

Lee Nichols said...

Hmm. I was so buy this week, I forgot to promote this contest. And I LOVE all of your responses. So how about this? Everyone wins a book! Email me your address and the book that you want and I'll mail you a signed copy. Thanks so much for playing and supporting indies! LeeXNichols @ gmail

dashofnutmeg said...

Seems a bit late for the contest but I saw you were promoting indie bookstore love and I just have to comment!
I love indie bookstores because they aren't in it for the numbers. The people who work at and run indie bookstores truly love books. It their passion, and that shows when they're working. I can't tell you how many times I've walked into a major retailer and an employee has no idea what good books are out and just gives me a sour expression (not to bash major book retailers and their employees, though!). I just love the atmosphere of indie bookstores. It's like I'm home! I can only hope they'll start to get more traffic!