Thursday, July 24, 2008


Okay, so I'm here. Those are my books on the side. Notice Reconstructing Brigid is coming out next month. My first mystery!

This is my first blog.

Some things I can't figure out:

What am I supposed to blog about?
Why can't I type more than one word in the title?
Who's going to read this?
Do I still need a website?
How will I attract millions of viewers who will click on the links to buy my books?

I'm sure it will all get sorted out. Or ... I'll never come back here again. One or the other.

Please, please leave me comments so I know someone has been here. Or is there some convenient little counter somewhere that I'm missing?

Well, I'd post more, but I need to save some pearls for next time.

Until then ... um ... hmm ... I need to come up with some catchy little sign off.


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