Friday, July 24, 2009

A Year Later

Okay, so here I am exactly one year later. New editor is rightly asking me about a website, so must quickly update blog and pretend I have a web presence.

What's happened to me in a year:

Finished first YA novel. New editor is a marvel.

Adopted new dog and cat. Cat is half wild and almost never lets us pet her. Dog has just been hit by a car. He is currently cuddled next to me on chair, trying to recuperate. Old dog is terrified of massive Elizabethan collar on new dog. God knows where cat is, probably hunting some poor, defenseless baby bird.

Read approximately 667 picture books to four-year-old son. Running out of books at the library. Oddly, never have ideas for my own picture books.

Flirted with Hollywood. Co-wrote screenplay with husband and had wonderful producer trying to get my books optioned, but nothing has happened yet. Fingers and toes are permanently crossed that something will. Though, probably have jinxed myself by posting this.

Walked dogs approximately 492 times.

Ate too much tiramisu from Whole Foods. Regret ever trying it in the first place.

Longed for better weather in Maine approximately 348 days.

Finally joined Facebook and Twitter. Friend me at Lee Nichols Naftali or follow me at LeeXNichols.

Resolved to be a better blogger.


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