Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Betrayal iTunes Contest #2

Jenny Johnston Steward won the first $25 iTunes gift card! Jenny please email me for further details. LeeXNichols @ gmail.com

But there are three more to win. Last week was Facebook, this week is Twitter. Same contest. Just post @LeeXNichols Your favorite love song. Just so we're clear, this should be your actual favorite love song. If you post "Your favorite love song" I will not enter you. Unless that's actually the name of a song, but I don't think it is. You must be a follower to enter.

And if you entered last week, you're welcome to enter again this time on Twitter. If you had a hard time picking one, you can post a new one this time. I'm collecting all the songs and will post them at the end.

Contest ends midnight on March 14th. Winner gets $25 iTunes gift card. Good luck!

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Jena said...

Congrats Jenny! :)