Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BETRAYAL iTunes Contest #4 (Your final chance to win $25 iTunes card)!

Okay, this is for the final $25 iTunes gift card. Your last chance to win. All you have to do is ask me a question about any of my books or writing or well ... really anything, as long as it's clean. Ask the question in comments here, or @ me on Twitter with the hashtag #question, or on the Haunting Emma Facebook page. That's all you have to do and you're entered.

I'll let this contest go until the end of the month, because I've got a new, even bigger and cooler contest starting April 1st. So contest ends March 31st at midnight! U.S. only.


jarir aka jimmy said...

How much is the book and where I can buy it as international buyer?

Aydrea said...

Is Haunting Emma a trilogy or will there be more books?

Are Emma & Bennett going to actually figure things out before the series is over?

Also are Emma's brother & parents going to reappear or will we at least more about them?

Sorry for all the questions. I know you can't give too much away before Surrender comes out, but I am curious!

Lee Nichols said...

Hi Jarir,

I think Amazon is probably your best bet (unless someone else has a better idea). They do ship internationally. It probably won't be cheap though and depends on where you live. You can always buy and ebook.


Lee Nichols said...

Hi Aydrea,

1. Yes, Haunting Emma is a trilogy. Surrender is the last book and will be published in December.

2. I truly believe Emma and Bennett are meant to be together. It's just going to be a rough road getting there.

3. Yes, in Surrender you'll get to see more of Max and Emma's parents.

rachel445 said...

Do you have outlines for your books before you start writing them?

In Surrender, will we find out more about Emma's powers?

Do you plan to write another YA series after the Haunting Emma one is complete?

Thank you! I'm really looking forward to Surrender!

Lee Nichols said...

Hi Rachel,

1. Yes, I'm huge outliner. After about the first 50 pages, I plan each book scene by scene, so I always know where I want to end an how I'm going to get there.

2. Well, Emma does discover something pretty big about what she can do, that helps her and Bennett.

3. I'm working on new ideas now, lots of which have series potential, I just haven't settled on a project yet, but it'll most likely be YA.

4. I'm glad you're looking forward to Surrender!

Looksie Lovitz said...

Are there any easter eggs or hidden references in your books that may not be obvious to all the readers?


Lee Nichols said...

Oh good question, Looksie! And I will answer it when I announce the new bigger and cooler contest on April 1st. It's like you're psychic.

Orchid said...

What do you think are some of the best and worst aspects of being a published author? ^_^

The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

Lee Nichols said...

Hi Orchid,

It's really exciting to have your books in bookstores, to hear from readers who really enjoyed them, to have the confirmation that yes, you're good enough to be published.

My least favorite parts are probably that it's often hard to find time for all the self-promotion, and I don't always get to choose the title or cover of my books.

Nurashikin Nesha said...

How did you get involved in writing? Why not other profession? And how do you find your talent or passion in writing? Lastly, how or who helps you in nurturing your skills? ;)

Lee Nichols said...

Hi Nurashikin Nesha,

Actually, a lot of those questions can be answered at once: My husband. I'm married to Joel Naftali who also writes as Joel N. Ross, and he's definitely the one who started writing and encouraged me to write and think about this as a career.

I was lucky that the first novel I wrote, Tales of a Drama Queen, hit editors' desks when chick lit was really taking off. But in terms of finding my talent and passion, I think I'll always be looking, hoping to feel passionate about each project, hoping to write a better book each time.

I still work really closely with my husband who irons out all my terrible prose and helps me through plot/character problems. My editor at Bloomsbury is also amazing and I've learned a lot from her as I've transitioned from writing for adults to teens.

Minas said...

What have you currently read that you loved?


Lee Nichols said...

Hi Minas,

The last three books I've read are Match, by Ally Condie, The Unwritten Rule, by Elizabeth Scott, and The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson. I would recommend all three, which isn't always the case.

Tricia said...

What do you do to get an idea for your writing? Or what's your ritual when you are out of idea? :)

Laura Pauling said...

Okay. So some of questions were answered. So, here's one. Which do you like better - writing YA or adult fiction? I'm pretty sure you had some adult titles first.

And by the way, I love those different covers when I scroll down on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your inspiration to write the Haunting Emma series?

Lee Nichols said...

Hi Tricia,

When I'm having trouble with an idea, I usually talk it out with my husband, who will give me either a great option or a bad one that will spark something good.

In terms of coming up with ideas for books, I have new ideas all the time. It's more a matter of figuring out whether there's enough of an idea for a whole book or not. And that I work out by outlining. I'm not a panster.

Long walks with the dogs, fiddling with ideas in my mind, are also helpful.

Lee Nichols said...

Hi Laura,

I love writing both. At the moment, I think the most exciting genre fiction is happening in YA. It seems less confined by traditional genre conventions. But it's hard for me to imagine never writing another adult novel.

Lee Nichols said...

Hi untraveled-world,

I actually starting plotting Deception as an adult novel, but the more I worked on it, the younger the character kept getting. I was reading a lot of YA and realized that's what I really wanted to write. And the more I thought about Emma and the ghosts, the more I wanted her to be this tough girl who could see and control them. And that lead to conceiving the series.

grace said...

Do ideas for books just come to your mind at any given moment, or are you consciously planning for each book that you write? Plot wise.

Patty said...

Do you have any say on how you want the cover on your books to look like?

Lee Nichols said...

Hi Grace,

I definitely consciously plan each book, but the ideas that might come while writing are a new place to set a scene or a unique way to start a chapter or highlighting a theme I hadn't planned on.

But I definitely like to know exactly where I'm going when I start writing.

Lee Nichols said...

Hi Patty,

My publisher does ask for my opinion, but ultimately they have the final say about covers and titles.