Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Betrayal Review

So excited! My editor just sent me the first review of Betrayal. Such a relief to get a nice review. Only three more weeks until it's officially out.

“This fast-paced sequel reintroduces teen Emma Vaile, who is the most powerful ghostkeeper to be born in centuries, much to the amazement of her counterparts in the Knell, a secret society that keeps order in the ghost world. Unlike other ghostkeepers, Emma can conjure, communicate with and compel ghosts, which provides hope that she will be able to defeat Neos, a menacing wraith master who is drawn to Emma and will stop at nothing to increase his evil powers. Unfortunately, Emma’s supernatural powers also present major responsibilities and downsides, including preventing her from getting too close to Bennett, her long-time crush and fellow ghostkeeper. Picking up where series opener Deception (2010) left off, Emma continues to hone her skills in preparation for confronting Neos and joins forces with three other ghostkeepers. However, Emma quickly learns that someone has infiltrated her inner circle of friends and finds herself faced with deadly betrayal. This balances against Emma's very ordinary life as a high-school student. A solid balance of fantasy and mystery together with a well-developed subplot of forbidden love prevent this text from becoming hokey and will keep readers riveted.” - Kirkus


rachel445 said...

I cant wait for Betrayal. Even three weeks seems too far away. Looking forward to the release!!

Lee Nichols said...

Thanks, Rachel. Hope you enjoy it!

June G said...

A great review. And this is saying a lot considering it's Kirkus, which I hear can be kind of cranky...lol...I can't wait to read Betrayal. Congrats!