Monday, February 28, 2011

The Liar Society

Today is dedicated to Lisa and Laura Roecker whose first YA novel, The Liar Society, will be published tomorrow!

Why I love Lisa and Laura
Mostly because they write one of the best author blogs out there. It's the only one I read every day. They offer the perfect blend of professional and personal, and are always funny, lovable and real. Not to mention fantastic writers. And they do a particularly fantastic and selfless job of celebrating YA books and writers. My only problem is that they only post once a day, I would seriously go back for more if they updated continuously. But I guess that's what twitter is for.

Why you should buy their book
Here was my official take:
"Who doesn't think their high school is conspiring against them? Toss in an unsolved murder, unstoppable heroine, ancient puzzles and a hot guy and you've got one killer novel."

My unofficial take:
I simply loved it! Kate is a fantastic, clever and cool character that's easy to relate to, Liam is the ultimate love interest, funny, smart and sexy. The mystery is unique and impossible to figure out and I loved the private school setting Lisa and Laura created. It felt like a fresh take on prep school and the details were unusual and sometimes a bit creepy. Don't miss this one. A contemporary YA novel that has the wild, mysterious ride of a paranormal.

And if you don't trust me, because admittedly I'm biased, I adore these authors. Here's what Kirkus said: "The authors create lively and memorable characters and keep the action moving in their lengthy whodunit; Kate’s interest in Latin adds an educational element. Clearly, the Roeckers had fun writing their story. Young mystery lovers may enjoy it just as much."


When you're done reading Lisa and Laura's blog and buying their book, stop in here for details about the first Betrayal contest and your chance to win a $25 iTunes gift certificate!

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Lisa and Laura said...

Ok, this made me all weepy. I can't stop crying lately! THANK YOU, Lee!